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What trucking jobs are on Amazon Relay?

Want steady work and business growth? On Relay, your company can book thousands of Amazon trucking jobs across North America for free. Keep reading to learn the long and the short of hauling with Amazon Relay.

Note: Relay carriers are independent contractors and are not Amazon employees. Carriers employ their own drivers.

Types of trucking jobs on Relay

Whether your business thrives on over-the-road adventures or in-town trips, you can search trucking jobs on Relay by work type.

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A roundtrip load begins and ends in the same domicile (Amazon speak for greater city areas). That return leg lets your drivers get back home. Because this type of job usually only requires a tractor (aka power-only), it helps carriers reduce overhead on trailer maintenance and cuts back on wait times for loads.
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Book backhauls or head hauls to ditch the deadhead miles. You can schedule based on demand and availability, but for Amazon, you’ll most likely need a box truck or your own trailer for these jobs.
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A block is a chunk of time that a carrier reserves their trucks and drivers for Relay. Amazon plans tours that start and end within the duration of the block and pays carriers even if Amazon doesn’t use the full block of time.

    Dedicated trucking jobs vs. spot work

    • Spot freight: Spot loads provide flexible work options for carriers and drivers. Also known as “fast freight,” Relay has thousands of last-minute trucking jobs to instantly book, so you can fill gaps with work based on your preferences.
    • Contracts: If consistency is what you’re after, Relay offers short-term contract trucking jobs weeks in advance.

    Local trucking jobs vs. regional trucking jobs

    Yup – Amazon Relay is in your area. There are Amazon carrier facility locations coast to coast, and every Relay load search starts with the origin and radius you’re trying to book.

    icon of a box truck
    With citywide facilities, Amazon has delivery routes close to home. These jobs offer the convenience of shorter trips to protect your equipment’s lifespan and allow drivers to stay connected to friends, family, and hobbies. There’s plenty of Amazon trucking jobs for the neighborhood hero that loves being the face of community business.
    icon of a semi hauling a prime trailer
    You can go big and go home. Amazon operates in every state and gives your business a nationwide opportunity. Over-the-road trucking jobs allow your expansion to cross state lines. They also provide the option of regular home time for drivers along with the diversity of scenery and experience.

    Solo trucking jobs vs. team trucking jobs

    Along with different Amazon facility locations, there are multiple driver types to choose from on Relay’s load board and contract marketplace.

    icon of solo driver
    One day of work for a single driver – a 14-hour shift, with 11 hours of drive time. That means easy coordination for carriers, flexible routes for drivers, and less intensity on vehicles.

      icon of solo trucking driver
      Two days of work, or two 14-hour shifts. A single driver spends their 10-hour rest break outside their base cities. Perfect when drivers are hungry for a long-distance drive, and carriers are hungry for growth.
      icon of team truck drivers in a semi cab
      Two drivers trade off shifts in order to keep the truck moving for days at a time. Team drivers can drive for 6 days straight, covering greater miles with faster trips. Carriers earn more, and drivers share the adventure of the open road with a partner.

        Equipment needed for Amazon trucking jobs

        You can save money on overhead costs by hauling Amazon’s signature blue, pre-loaded trailers, or put your own equipment to work. We’ve got box truck jobs, as well as loads for reefers and dry vans, so you can find work for the type of equipment that fits your company.

        • Tractor: day cab, 26' and 16’ box truck*, sleeper cab
        • Trailer: 48’ trailer, 53’ dry van, 53’ reefer, 20’ container, 40’ and 40’ high cube container

        In addition to using the load board equipment filters, trucks can be automatically matched to a load using Post A Truck, and idle trailers can be leased to Amazon for pick-up through our equipment marketplace.

        What to expect from Amazon trucking jobs

        Amazon Relay is more than a load board. We’re here to make trucking more efficient. Our work includes:

        • Light load weights. Relay’s loads average ~25K pounds, which can help you save on fuel and tractor wear-and-tear expenses.
        • Discounts on fuel, tires, truck rentals and more.
        • Fuel that’s paid out separately from your all-in rate. We calculate fuel surcharge to carriers so that you’re paid for fuel expenses as the market fluctuates.
        • A mobile app for drivers that provides truck-friendly navigation and route-specific weather alerts.

        Sound good? Start an application.

        Book Amazon trucking jobs on Relay

        Owner-operator trucking jobs or full schedules for entire fleets – Relay makes it easy to find and book trucking jobs for any type of operation. As an independent contractor, you can quickly and confidently find loads using recommendations, saved criteria, or a quick and easy search. Learn more about how to book Amazon Relay loads or start your sign up.

        Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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