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Relay: More than a Load Board

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What is Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay is a self-service web portal and mobile app designed for carriers and fleet owners of all sizes to find and book available work. Amazon Relay offers a wide selection of work for your company’s equipment types. Your company can access thousands of loads at any time to fit your schedule, with quick and reliable payment options. Amazon Relay not only offers spot work but also short-term contracts and Auctions are also available to provide more consistent and dependable work for your fleets.

Short-Term Contracts

Short-term contracts are offered in over 60 regions across the United States and allow carriers to lock in rates for power-only blocks spanning one or more weeks in duration. Carriers have the ability to choose between 8-hour, 13-hour, and 37-hour solo driver contracts as well as 119-hour team shifts. Power-only reduces wait times at facilities and reduces overhead trailer maintenance expenses for the carriers by hauling Amazon-owned trailers. Additionally, contracts provide round trips so carriers do not have to book additional work to get drivers home.

“Short-Term Contracts allow consistent work throughout the week for my drivers,” says Dwight Fairchild, owner of Commercial Freight Services, Inc. “By using the driver app, my drivers know exactly where they are going, and I do not have to think about how to get them back home. With short-term contracts I haven’t had to worry about deadhead miles because Relay does the work for you.”

In addition to short-term contracts for dry vans and containers, Relay now has contracts available for box trucks! Box truck carriers have the ability to choose between 8- and 13-hour solo driver contracts that also provide round trips for drivers. Power only and box truck contracts are now available to book through the beginning of 2023.


Carriers use auctions to bid on trailer-required contracts with transparency into the participation criteria, leading bid and auction close timing. Auctions for trailer-required contracts run weekly from Thursday morning to Tuesday morning, Pacific Time.

Adis Danan with JoyRide Logistics likes the simplicity and transparency of auctions. “With auctions you have the ability to be a part of the action during the bidding process,” he said. “When a lane is up for bid, you have the visibility to make an educated decision based on how other carriers are bidding for that lane.”

Trailer-required contracts are available to carriers that meet performance and asset count requirements, as well as attend a short virtual training. Carriers drop their trailers at the designated site location prior to the departure time of the load to ensure their drivers can hook to the loaded trailers and hit the road quickly.

Book and Bid On Contracts with Relay

To join Relay, click here. Carriers with an Amazon Prime account can click “Sign In” and use their Prime account username and password to start the application process. For those who do not have a Prime account, click “Create your Amazon account” to start a Relay application.

Amazon also has a frequently asked questions section regarding all things Relay and more guidance on how to join.

Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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