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Amazon trucking contracts | How to book and bid

Those who know trucking know that if you’re not hauling, you’re not earning…you’re spending money on overhead costs. Keeping the lights on means filling drivers’ schedules and keeping trucks moving, and Amazon Relay has contract work that helps business owners do both.

Amazon’s trucking contracts offer dedicated carriers work that runs for a single week up to six months. So if there’s a lane your company loves, you may be able to book it regularly as a contract. Or you can use contracts to fill drivers’ schedules during a slow season to keep revenue stable.

Here’s how it works.

Explore contract lengths and types

Amazon Relay’s contract marketplace offers partial and full-week opportunities for tractor and box truck operators. We have three types of trucking contracts:

  1. Full-week trucking contracts: include full weeks of work for individual and team drivers.
  2. Partial-week trucking contracts: include a variable amount of work per week (with minimum and maximum limits) for individual drivers.
  3. Reservation contracts: include three blocks of work per week for individual drivers, and pay a competitive rate if the work is not needed in a given week.

Decide how to get contracts

You can book freight contracts on Amazon Relay with a single click or by bidding on an auction.

  • Auctions: Freight bidding is a chance to work at the price you name. Bid on one-way demand for trailers, box truck, and power-only. Along with the contract’s information, auctions show you the leading bid and time left in the auction so you can make your best offer. The carrier in good standing with the most competitive bid typically wins the auction.
  • Single click: If you don’t want to bid, simply hit “Book” when you find a trucking contract with dates, equipment types, driver types (team or solo), and estimated payout that works for your business.

Book contracts and bid on available auctions based on the following features:

graphic of an iphone in hand
Weeks in advance, up to 6-month duration
graphic of truck drivers
Driver Type
Solo, team
graphic of navigation route
Starting/end location
Contracts: domicile (city/area)
Auctions: lane (specific warehouse)
graphic of prime truck
Equipment Type
53’ trailer, 26’ box truck
Contracts: fixed rate
Auctions: open bidding
graphic of foot on pedal
Trip Type
Contracts: roundtrip
Auctions: one-way

Schedule your drivers

Once you book your contract, you can specify how much time a driver is able to work in a given week and assign them to a block of time. Individual drivers have the option to come home every day or every other day, and team drivers can return every five days.

Get paid

You’ll be paid weekly for all work that was completed the week before.

But first, join Amazon Relay

Our hauling contracts are only available to Relay carriers in good standing. To apply to become a Relay carrier, click here. Looking to book work fast? Learn more about Relay’s spot freight.

Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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