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How to load match with Post a Truck

Amazon Relay carriers have filled their schedules using Post A Truck (PAT). All they had to do was say when and where their equipment and drivers were available. If the demand matched their criteria and other factors, our load board brought the work to them.

Let’s dive into how Relay load matches based on your company’s preferences, and how Post A Truck can help your business meet its fullest potential.

What is Post A Truck?

Post A Truck is Amazon’s spot load matching feature for Relay carriers. Just submit your equipment and driver availability for upcoming days. Work orders start with a radius for first pickup and maximum deadhead.

  1. Choose cities to include or exclude.
  2. Build a one-way or round trip.
  3. Set your distance or trip duration thresholds.
  4. Choose a payout amount.

If there’s freight for your criteria, you could be matched with a load without searching for the perfect fit on the load board.

“If you are an owner-operator, Post A Truck is your dispatcher. Post A Truck allows an owner-operator to stay on the road without having to worry about searching for their next load.”
Adis Danan, owner of JoyRide Logistics

How to post a truck on Amazon Relay

You can post up to two weeks in advance. There are three easy ways to do it.

  1. Start from scratch: Build a brand new order.
  2. Recommendations: Put in a few load parameters, we’ll populate the rest based on previous bookings.
  3. Saved searches: Reuse saved criteria as templates for new orders.

You can also group orders using linking and blocking.

  • Linked orders prevent overbooking. Solve your scheduling problems by connecting multiple orders as a single fulfilled order. Any unfulfilled trips are cancelled for you.
  • Block orders bring drivers and equipment back home. These trips start and end at the same location. If you’re matched with a block, it’s paid in full even if Amazon doesn’t use the entire block length.

How to predict a load match

Part of Relay’s PAT feature is match outlook, the probability of your work order matching to a load or trip. The likelihood is determined by your criteria and the previous 6 weeks of loads available on our load board.

  • High: Chances are good that you’ll get matched with work.
  • Medium: Decent odds, but always room for improvement.
  • Low: Adjust the fields to increase your probability of freight matching. Radius, distance, destination, and price can all be modified.

How Post a Truck saves Relay carriers time

Load matching means the options come to you rather than constantly watching the load board.

  • More control: Book based on demand, Amazon centers in your area, or lanes you’re interested in.
  • Early access: Relay offers over 15k loads across the US at any given time (about 25k during Prime and peak). PAT gives you first access advantage to all freight available during the time frame you set.
  • Curated loads: Prefer to run similar loads on a daily basis? Relay’s PAT feature allows you to duplicate requests through saved searches. It even gives you future recommendations based on your load history.
“Post A Truck is my best friend. I get all my loads filled for the week.”
Relay Carrier

Take control of your booking experience

Price points, trip types, back-to-back times – Post A Truck is another Relay feature that helps carriers work how they want, when they want. Approved Relay carriers can access Post A Truck through Amazon Relay. Sign up for Relay, then download the app* on iOS and Android to start freight matching wherever you have a connection.

Got idle trailers, too? See how our equipment auctions can put them to use.

*The app is available to approved and onboarded Relay carriers.

Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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