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Amazon Relay load board | What to know

Amazon Relay’s load board can be a carrier’s go-to source for trucking work all year round. It hosts about 15 thousand loads across the US at any given time, climbing to roughly 25 thousand when shopping is in full swing (think Prime Day and the holidays). And carriers on Relay can search and book without any fees.

Whatever your business needs now, tomorrow, or next year, our load board has you covered. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s a load board?

A load board lists available spot freight to help carriers book short-term work. Typically, you can browse stop locations, arrival and departure times, payment breakdowns, and any load requirements. Find the right load and book it fast.

Why choose Amazon Relay’s load board?

amazon relay load board on desktop

Amazon Relay’s load board is free and easy to use, with rates, mileage, cities, and other important info that helps carriers find loads that work for their businesses (the Amazon-sized volume is a nice bonus). Whether your goal is to take care of your drivers or to start the next leg of your own journey, we have endless booking options and time-saving tech to help you get started and keep going.

  • Instantly book spot loads that start in a week or start now.
  • Find loads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all without having to pick up the phone.
  • Auto-refresh thousands of new spot freight matches every 30 seconds.
  • Save your trucking company’s most used searches to sort by preferences.
  • Opt in to email alerts for real-time updates on new spot loads that meet your criteria.
  • Simultaneously search trips for multiple drivers.
  • Earn early access to work with consistently high performance.
  • Post your trucks and availability so the work comes to you.
  • Receive weekly payment for approved work.

What kind of work is on Amazon Relay’s load board?

Working with Amazon means access to all kinds of freight. Here’s what we have available for instant booking:

  1. Spot freight: Single loads, including rail and port drayage and drop work, that can be booked at the all-in price listed on Relay’s load board. The base rate, fuel surcharges, and tolls charges are included.
  2. Blocks: Work that’s booked in blocks of time, which are filled later on with loads that start and end in the same area. Blocks are typically paid in full even if your drivers and equipment aren’t needed.
  3. Post A Truck: Post your empty capacity and availability for a chance to be matched with spot loads.

How to book loads on Amazon Relay’s load board

Amazon Relay’s load board searches begin with your starting point and destination. You can also add the distance from the starting point that you’re willing to travel to pick up the load. Use these filters to find regional or local trucking jobs, then narrow it down to find your ideal spot work by:

  • Trailer status
  • Equipment type
  • Load type
  • Driver type
  • Desired layout
  • Maximum number of stops
  • Trip length

With our amount of freight, you have the freedom to choose how you work and how you’ll grow. Plus, high-performing carriers get first access to spot freight posted on Amazon’s load board. Relay mobile app users also get push notifications with load alerts.

How to post a truck on Amazon Relay

With Post A Truck, you don’t have to watch the load board 24/7. Just share when and where your company’s trucks, trailers, and drivers are available for a chance to be matched to spot work.

Criteria can include:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Availability
  • Start and end times
  • Maximum stops
  • Stem time
  • Payout

Posting a truck gives you first mover advantage. We look to match loads with Post A Truck orders before loads become available on Amazon Relay’s load board. Once a spot work order is created, it stays open until it’s matched or the order expires. You can also cancel an order if your availability changes.

Sign up to use our load board

With Amazon Relay’s load board, all the information you need to make an informed booking decision is upfront, transparent, and readily available. Quickly and conveniently compare loads so you can make sure you are getting the best load for your business.

Ready to get access to the work you want? Now that you’ve learned how to find loads on Relay, apply to become an Amazon carrier. If you’re looking for long-term commitment, learn more about Relay’s contracts.

Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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