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Amazon Relay Performance Score

Relay carriers receive a performance score that determines when and how much work they can book. It also helps make sure Amazon loads are delivered safely and on time. Thinking about becoming a Relay carrier? Here’s how we measure the success of every haul.

How does Amazon use the Relay Performance Score?

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A job well done gives Relay carriers more opportunities to haul how they want. We use a carrier’s performance score to evaluate their eligibility for spot loads and contracts. Contracts, for example, are reserved for carriers with a B or above. Top performers can also get early access to new bids and receive priority matching within Post A Truck.

How does the Relay Performance Score work?

breakdown of how amazon relay performance score works

To give our carriers a chance to improve, the Relay Performance Score reflects a Relay carrier’s last six weeks of work. We track four metrics:

  • On-time: Ratio of loads that arrive by the planned arrival time.
  • Acceptance: How often a carrier rejects tendered work.
  • App usage: How well a company’s drivers follow Relay’s rules about using the mobile app to execute Amazon loads.
  • Disruption-free: How many interruptions were encountered during transit.

A Relay carrier’s performance score is only as good as their lowest performance metric. That way, a carrier can address their most problematic area. Carriers can also see performance at the domicile level to understand regional patterns, and even the single load-level so they can coach drivers. Relay carriers are empowered to improve their performance score.

How is a performance score calculated?

A Relay Performance Score can range from 0% to 100%, which corresponds to a grade–F to A+. Here’s what it takes to be a high-performing carrier.

on time amazon relay performance score metric

On-time performance

We expect drivers to arrive by the scheduled time at both the origin and destination. Relay calculates a carrier’s performance score based on the check-in timestamp at the site. If something happens along the way, carriers can let Relay know and dispute performance score impacts.

tender acceptance amazon relay performance score metric


Amazon wants reliable carriers to haul our cargo. Whether it’s a contract or spot work, if an Amazon load is booked, it’s the Relay carrier’s responsibility to execute it. A performance score can take a hit any time a carrier rejects tendered work, including letting work expire. The closer a carrier rejects to pick-up time, the higher the penalty.

We recommend being selective when browsing for work on Amazon Relay so that carriers don’t book work that they can’t haul. However, if we cancel tendered work, their performance score won’t be impacted.

app usage amazon relay performance score metric

App usage

Amazon requires all loads to be executed using the Relay mobile app–this metric shows how well a driver follows that rule. To minimize performance score issues, drivers should keep the app running and maintain location availability for the entire trip.

disruption-free amazon relay performance score metric


Some disruptions can have downstream impacts on other Amazon loads, or even Amazon shopping customers. The disruptions we track are stationary trailers and loads without assigned drivers.

How to improve an Amazon Relay Performance Score

When carriers are onboarded to Relay, they have a dashboard to keep track of all Amazon Relay Performance Score updates. Carriers can improve their performance score by:

  • Looking for trends: Relay carriers can see which loads are affecting their performance score and why. They can look for any trends that may be bringing their performance score down.
  • Taking training: Onboarded carriers can find detailed guidance on each metric in our learning library.
  • Visiting Frequently Asked Questions: Our support center for onboarded carriers has common scenarios that affect performance scores.

Carriers can also file a performance score dispute if they believe there’s error in their metrics.

Get started

A high performance score helps Relay carriers haul the best Amazon loads for their business. Apply now to start building your company’s performance score and hauling loads.

Disclaimer: Amazon does not tender loads through any third-party load boards. Any Amazon loads posted on third-party load boards will only be tendered directly to approved and onboarded carriers via the Relay web portal or Relay mobile app. If you are interested in hauling loads for Amazon, sign up and book directly on

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