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Road safety

There’s nothing like hauling in the summertime, when the air is warm and the “Buy now” button is hot!

But with high inflation cutting into travel budgets, 26% of Americans are saying that they’re ditching pricey flights and hitting the road for their summer vacations.1 That means road-trippers and freight-drivers will be sharing the highway a little more in the coming months, so there’s no better way to keep the season rolling than with tips and tech that make driving safer for everyone.


Safety is Amazon Relay’s top priority, so we pulled some reminders from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)2 that could be particularly useful while hauling this summer.

1. Keep stopping distance in mind
According to the FMCSA, “large trucks need the length of up to two football fields to safely stop.” So drivers should consider if they have enough room in front of them to stop safely, and account for weather conditions that could make stopping more difficult.

2. Be extra cautious in work zones
Sudden lane and speed changes can be tricky to navigate in a car or SUV, let alone a large truck. The FMCSA recommends slowing down, increasing following distance, and scanning the road ahead for signs of lane shifts.

3. Make a plan
Knowing the road conditions ahead of time makes it easier to drive safely, so drivers should check the route, possible detours, and weather conditions in advance.


Amazon Relay carriers and their drivers get access to navigation, alerts, and other features that make hauling freight safer for everyone on the road through the Relay mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Pre-trip weather alert

Enhanced weather information
This year, Relay launched a new weather feature that tells drivers what’s going on along a route before the job starts and sends safety recommendations during inclement weather. So rain or shine, carriers and drivers will know what to expect while hauling Relay freight.

Features include…
1. Pre-trip weather summaries with a forecast along the driver’s route, 24 hours before the trip starts
2. Real-time weather alerts that notify the driver of weather changes
3. Safety recommendations that suggest the best course of action to the driver in bad weather

Commercial navigation
The Relay mobile app includes commercial navigation that routes drivers to Amazon drop off and pick up sites. Unlike non-commercial products and maps, Relay’s in-app navigation has truck-specific features that help drivers get to their destinations safely, with…

1. Routes that avoid country and neighborhood roads, low bridges and road segments restricted by the Department of Transportation
2. Indications for safest turning lanes

Human trafficking reports
Creating a safer industry isn’t just for carriers and drivers. Relay has taken an active role in preventing one of the worst crimes committed on the open road, human trafficking, with training that tells carriers and drivers how to spot suspicious behavior. We’ve also added an easy-to-use “Truckers Against Trafficking” button to our Relay mobile app, where carriers and drivers can quickly report suspected trafficking.

Want to haul with Amazon? Sign up for Relay here.

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