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The carrier world is for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. For those driven to succeed, Amazon Relay helps navigate the road ahead.

In this interview, we talk to Cheri Williams-Franklin, half of the husband-wife duo that owns Keep It Moving Logistics in Chicagoland, Illinois. She discusses how she went from corporate to carrier, and how Amazon Relay supports the trucking journey she shares with her husband, Miles.

Cheri Williams-Franklin of Keep It Moving Logistics

How long have you been in the trucking business?

Almost four years now. We had been on a couple load boards just kind of testing the water. When we started, it was during the pandemic. So, we felt like, “Okay, trucking is essential. We need to figure out what makes sense and see if this is something that we could collectively do.” Amazon Relay was a natural fit for us. It was just another way to fill in what we were doing.

What were you and Miles doing before you got into trucking?

In 2020, I was working full-time, he was working full-time. My background is 20 years in thermoform manufacturing. And my husband’s background is almost 30 years in operations and trucking. The conversation between us was always, “We really need to figure out how we can merge our backgrounds together.” One of the things we had to figure out is – can we work together professionally and not kill each other? [laughs].

That makes sense! Tell me about your business dynamic as co-owners.

We’re so opposite. I have a degree in speech communication, I minored in journalism, and then I have a Master’s in business administration. I’ve been on this corporate path for a long time, working with companies doing sales, marketing strategy, business development – that’s really my wheelhouse. Because I’ve been working for large manufacturing companies, I fully understand supply chain management. My first job out of college was with a manufacturer as a customer account manager, and that put me in a position where I was the liaison between sales and the customer, and working with our logistics team to get trucks in and out.

And then my husband’s background was working for one of the largest disposal companies in operations and in trucking with a CDL. He’s the one that oversees the operations. He has a natural rapport with all the drivers, he is the reason people want to work for us. He speaks their language, he knows what it’s like to be on a truck. This is his passion. When I say we’re the yin and the yang, I am very much the high level and he is very much the connecting point.

What do you enjoy about being a carrier?

I’m the one behind the scenes, making good business decisions, networking – all the things I’m accustomed to doing, but I’m doing it on my own terms and building my own schedule so I have the flexibility to be a really great mom. The company has given me the work-life balance that I wanted and knew that I needed. But I think any time you run any company, the enjoyment is when you take it from concept to full execution.

Tell me about your company, how has it grown?

We have a small fleet of 26’ box trucks, and a 28’. We started with one truck, then grew to two trucks, and reinvested and got to three trucks. I think the goal is always to be a bigger company. But you can’t start there, right? [laughs]

Did Relay play a role in your company’s success?

[Amazon Relay] allows you to get in and be successful based on your work ethic. As long as you’re doing what you committed to do and keep your performance score up, that’s all that matters. From a diversity perspective, [Amazon Relay] allows companies to eliminate bias. No one knows that you’re a female or a minority.

The DEI program helped us start the conversation around certifications. We were able to go on and get our Illinois DBE certification, and the WBENC, and women-owned small business. But it was the DEI program that launched the idea.

Amazon Relay doesn’t directly offer certifications, but we can connect trucking business owners with companies that do. Certifications can lead to funding access and other business opportunities.

Have you, personally, seen any benefits from being certified?

They opened doors, for sure. It’s one of those things that allows you to have conversations you wouldn’t necessarily, and network with companies that are looking to support diverse [carriers].

When we were at the WBENC conference in Denver earlier this year, there were a number of carriers that stood up to say they were there because of Amazon. I thought that was fantastic. They’re sponsoring companies to come, covering the fees as well as the trip costs. That’s huge. We weren’t budgeted for that for Q1 – that’s typically the slow season in trucking. We got to meet a number of corporations that were there and have follow-up conversations with them.

The DEI program speaks to Amazon’s real commitment to diversity and inclusion. You don’t just talk about it, you’re taking actionable steps to help diverse companies succeed and have some visibility.
Cheri Williams-Franklin

Is there anything else you like about Relay?

I like the Amazon load board more than any other board in the industry, and I’m not just saying this, it’s 100% true. It is the easiest board to use – I can go on the app, book loads, easily assign those loads to my driver, and then my driver does not have to deal with any paperwork. You might use other [load boards] in the market for loads, but you still have to answer tracking questions. We’re always getting calls and emails about ETAs, even though they can track the truck! We never have that with Amazon.

At the end of [a Relay load], I know exactly where we went and I can total up the loads with zero physical paperwork, and that is huge. Because this is an industry full of paperwork. No “I forgot to get this signed” – that is one of the biggest advantages.

Amazon Relay is great for [regional loads] because most of the loads that 26’ box trucks run only go within a 300-mile radius. That really fits into our strategy, so when we’re looking for good, filler loads, [Relay] is always here to help us.

Anything you want to share with someone out there who’s looking to start their own business?

For anyone, you need sound business acumen and some financial reserves. You can’t think you’re going to start a trucking company and be profitable the next day. Make sure you can cover the ebbs and flows. Companies need to make sure they’re not just growing the top line, but also covering the bottom line – the fuel, the insurance, all of the things that go into those numbers. Don’t take loads that don’t allow you to achieve those goals. Don’t just look at blended costs, but a case-by-case basis.

But if you’re passionate about supply chain management or trucking, definitely take the leap of faith. Do join Relay to get started.

Amazon Relay can help save on operating expenses like fuel, tires, maintenance, and more through our Value Added Services Program.

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